To get great results during SAP test you need to be prepared “on all hands”: be aware of the test structure, to think over about strategy for each section, to know how effectively plan your time during test as well as to set your mind on positive thinking and not to become stressed about all this stuff when SAT test dates are right on the horizon.

We divided prep recommendations into 3 main categories to sound clear and be really helpful – not to make a chaos in your head:

General Tips for your Preparing

Always remember, that you have only one right answer for each question on SAT test. Better try exclude three wrong answers than endlessly think why one can be correct.

Leave the sheet completely filled. Nobody will punish for guessing but this can be a good chance to earn more points.

Don’t stick on a question which takes more than 1.5 minutes – this tip definitely will save your time!

Go with your gut. Don’t doubt about answers – if you decide that one variant is right – it is right and no need to revise it 100 hundred times to change on the wrong one. Try SAT practice test to see how you deal with it.

It’s all about time. If you realize that at the end of the day you have an extra 15 minutes – check your choices grid – every answer should be in the appropriate bubble.

All you should know about Math/Reading/Writing/Essay/Language Test

Underscore main points of the task: not to make dull mistakes and solve actual questions.

If right now you don’t know the right answer to the question – just skip it. Sometimes you need to turn your attention to the next task in order to understand how to deal with the previous.

Before reading the text try to read the question – in such way you will notice all details and strange words from passage and will quickly come up with the answer.

Make simple sentences from the complicated ones. It helps to find the idea.

Forget about own attitude while writing the essay. They want you to show the analysis of writer’s work.

Have all formulas in your head not to spend time on searching the needed one in the long printed list on your table.

Remember, that No Change option is possible, not more than in 25% of general questions.

To train each section thoughtfully – try SAT Subject Test – they are available for passing.

Night Before and Test Morning

It’s absolutely normal that the night before you are nervous. Keep everything necessary in your bag not to rush in the morning:

  • Admission ticket
  • Photo ID
  • 2 pencils and eraser
  • Calculator
  • and don’t forget snacks and water as well as watch.

Reset your brain and don’t study on this important night. You really need to have a rest in order to shine out and stay focused on the next day. Turn off the laptop, phone, TV) – bright screens disturb your head.

Morning. Don’t sleep the whole morning and have a healthy rich breakfast, like eggs, cereals, cheese, milk or juice – you need the energy to solve serious tasks today.

Get to the place of test-taking early. Better be earlier there than hurryingly run to reach the site at last minute.

After taking into account all recommendations mentioned above you have little choice but to win this “competition” and gain the best score!